How Safe Is Your Home?

How Safe Is Your Home?

For the most part, people like to think of their homes as places that keep family members safe and sound. Most folks don't continually think about burglars or trespassers unless they have no other choice than to live in the bad part of town. Still, the threats are real, and homeowners, even those right here in Seattle and Tacoma, should at least consider the idea that criminals can strike at any time. Doing nothing could turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye.

On many occasions, thieves break into structures when the owners are at work or school. However, in some instances, people are home. Research from the Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed that an average of 3.7 million United States homes became burglarized each year from 2003 to 2007. The same study shows that in approximately 28-percent of those incidents a household member was inside the structure, and that person experienced some form of violence in about 7% of the cases. So, read further to learn about some of the best reasons to own a security system.

Burglar Proof Your Home With Surveillance Cameras

Getting cams installed is an excellent way to give yourself peace of mind. They won't stop all burglars in their tracks, but they will discourage many of them from choosing to come inside. Research by Safewise shows that property crimes happened every 3.9 seconds in the United States in 2015 alone. Of the burglaries reported to police during that period, roughly 72% transpired in residential dwellings. Instead of leaving things to chance when monetary losses and family well-being are the primary issues of concern, guard your property with security cameras.

((Blog.City)) Citizens Can Be Prepared For Fires With A Security System

There were around 1,345,500 residential fires in 2015 that led to 3,280 deaths. They were mostly caused by cooking, carelessness, heating, and electrical malfunctions, which goes to show that tragedy can hit at any time. So, go on the offensive to protect your family from such dilemmas. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can warn them of the fire. Fire extinguishers should be on hand for when flames break out and think about giving them a fire ladder to escape from the building.

Have Complete Control With Home Automation

Today's security systems have all sorts of fancy bells and whistles. They still record the premises, but owners can also control various elements remotely. With the help of a smartphone or compatible device, a person can set the thermostat's temperature, lock windows, and operate the garage door. Heck, it is even possible to turn lights or electrical devices on and off. While the system is ideal for keeping Seattle and Tacoma residents safe and sound, it adds convenience to their lives as well. 

Regardless of the security demands, the team has you covered. Contact our organization to obtain the solutions that you need to keep your family safely out of harm's way. Plus, the initial assessment is free, so don't delay any longer. 

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